Tired of exchanging links and reading latest blogs? Here is the newest game for you all bloggers around the world. Stay a bit of this “Name The Differences” game. This game is all about computer and its peripherals. If you are a computer blogger, im sure you can list down all the diffences of the above picture. There are eleven (11) things which do not belong to computer technology, peripherals and computer tools, (note: please exclude the floor mat. hehehe). Please list down all of these eleven things you see on the above picture and the answers will be place in your comment below  for your hearty answers :-). This is just for fun. I know some of you here have eyes’ strain. Well, its time to boggle your mind a moment. Let’s start the game. No time limit of one (1) minute. hehehe ex. 1. comb
2. ? to 11 ?

Most bloggers are Filipina

Hi everyone, I have observed some of the bloggers around the world were Filipina. As I travelled the speed of light in a wild and witnessed the links and sites I visited, some Filipina were married from different races like Americans, Dutches, and some are to Asians. I hope as they migrate to different places they won’t be experiencing culture shock. lol. Wow! Filipina are really nice bloggers. I know some Filipina are caring, thoughtful, hospitable and all the positive aspects as you see and discover who really true Filipina are, can be found only here in the Philippines. Well, some pinay are lucky and some are not. Some got divorced and some continued their happy married lives to unlike cultures.
How I wish I can marry to “not like ours“. lols. If given a chance, I want to marry a unique personality. Not an Americans, Dutches or whatsoever. I want to marry an Antarticanian because I found it so unique. Maybe in a cold regions of the southern hemisphere, A Penguin. lol

Ang kaspa – ka katol ba oi.

Halos tanan kita adunay kaspa, kalot sa ulo hala sige arun lang mawala. Matag gabii kini mugimok murag kagid sa tiil nga nasamad og kinalot. Aw, kaspa man diay atong gi hisgutan noh? Balik ta sa kaspa. Ang kaspa usa ka gagmayng puti nga “ambot unsa ni siya” basta makita sa ulo nga kulay puti. Inig kaluton lami kaayo og mangahulog gikan sa ulo. Kung nagsuot kag itom nga sanina sa sigig kalot muputi kini.
Unsay Tambal – ligo lang matag-adlaw, shampoo laktaw-laktaw. Ayaw perminteha kung dili bagay sa imuha ang shampoo, kay ang kaspa mabungkag sama sa bombang mubusikad. Aw, balik ta sa kaspa. Pasaylo-a naabot naman pud nuon ko sa bomba.
Ang kaspa lami kaluton hantud ang imong ulo mamuti og ang buhok mangawagtang . Busa mga kahigalaan ko sa kahanginan atangi kining sumpay kong sugilanon. Ang kaspa – ka katol ba oi.
P.S. Ayaw panaway kay utro ka nga nag basa mas baga pa ang imong kaspa kaysa imong tapad.

What is keylogger?

A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger, key logger, or system monitor, is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. As a hardware device, a keylogger is a small battery-sized plug that serves as a connector between the user’s keyboard and computer. Because the device resembles an ordinary keyboard plug, it is relatively easy for someone who wants to monitor a user’s behavior to physically hide such a device “in plain sight.” (It also helps that most workstation keyboards plug into the back of the computer.) As the user types, the device collects each keystroke and saves it as text in its own miniature hard drive. At a later point in time, the person who installed the keylogger must return and physically remove the device in order to access the information the device has gathered.
A keylogger program does not require physical access to the user’s computer. It can be downloaded on purpose by someone who wants to monitor activity on a particular computer or it can be downloaded unwittingly as spyware and executed as part of a rootkit or remote administration (RAT) Trojan horse. A keylogger program typically consists of two files that get installed in the same directory: a dynamic link library (DLL) file (which does all the recording) and an executable file (.EXE) that installs the DLL file and triggers it to work. The keylogger program records each keystroke the user types and uploads the information over the Internet periodically to whoever installed the program.
Although keylogger programs are promoted for benign purposes like allowing parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts on the Internet, most privacy advocates agree that the potential for abuse is so great that legislation should be enacted to clearly make the unauthorized use of keyloggers a criminal offense.


EW = SONA (Speed Of Network Administration) = Corruption
EW as like as energy and works. Also, it could be grievances, laughter, joy, sorrow, hatred, and corruption. That is how I defined EW for myself. What is EW for you?
People suffered from crisis nowadays and poverty level are arising. SONA is what we also called SANA. SANA may bukas pa. hehehe.
So, instead of saying CHEESE, say EW is the best!, because we don’t know if there is still a cheese in our hapagkainan.
I am sorry!!

Where and how to become a CISCO certified?

Hey guys, wazup! Wanna be a CISCO certified? I guess all IT professionals want to become CISCO certified, right? yeah, you write! I know not much about computer technology but im craving to become one of those multi-talented geeks out there. (a geek?, sounds like ew to me! hehehe)
It is a huge help for us if you want to share your ideas, suggestions and comments here regarding CISCO certification. Please tell us the magic on how to become one of them.
Are you ONE of them?


The members of the band met in the halls of residence at the University College London in September 1996.
Martin and Buckland were the first members of the band, having met one another during freshers’ week. They spent the rest of the year planning a band; at one point Martin had considered forming an *NSYNC inspired boy band called Pectoralz.

Eventually, Berryman joined the ranks, without consideration of what musical direction the band was taking. On 8 January 1998, the band’s line-up was complete when Champion joined the band to take up percussion duties. The multi-talented Champion had grown up playing piano, guitar, bass, and tin whistle; he quickly learned the drums, despite having no previous experience with that instrument. At the time, the band performed under the name Starfish.

Eventually, they took the name Coldplay from a mutual friend, Tim, who had his own band. According to Martin, “He (Tim) decided he didn’t like the name anymore because it was too depressing.” In 1998, Coldplay was performing small club gigs for local Camden promoters.

Wanting more creative freedom, Martin recruited fellow student and childhood friend Phil Harvey to act as band manager. Harvey helped the band raise money needed to record a demo. Harvey managed the band up until and including the release of their debut album Parachutes.

I’ve heard and saw once in the movie, Coldplay was mentioned but sorry to inform you guys, I forgot the title and the person who said that, but I guess that genre was a comedy. The actor of that movie said “You like Coldplay then you’re a gay” . lol. I dont have an idea why they plugged Coldplay, is it because they want to drag down or promote them? Coldplay is one of the best band I like. Hey! im not a gay. Charing!! pag xure oi !!